Le Comité consultatif sur le VIH du Maine a été créé pour conseiller le gouverneur, les agences, les fonctionnaires et les comités des secteurs fédéral et privé, fournir des évaluations annuelles sur les besoins émergents de la communauté affectée par le VIH et rendre compte de l'état du VIH dans l'État. Le comité est composé d'avocats, de prestataires médicaux et communautaires, de représentants de l'État et de membres de la communauté affectée par le VIH.

Coprésidents du comité: Kent Wotton et Stash Bayley

Comité permanent mixte du Maine sur la santé et les services sociaux

Rapport HIVAC 2019

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Maine’s HIV/AIDS Advisory Committee (HIVAC) is commissioned under Maine statute Title 5 §19202.  HIVAC’s membership consists of a diverse range of experience within the landscape of HIV/AIDS in Maine and strives to be representative of the community for which it serves. Currently, the Committee includes HIV-positive individuals, medical providers, social service community-based organizations, as well as members of the Maine Legislature, Maine’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Department of Corrections, The Office of MaineCare Services, and Department of Education.

2019 HIVAC Report to Maine’s Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services

Maine HIV/AIDS Advisory Board

Provider Co-Chair

The Maine HIV/AIDS Advisory Board (MeHAAB) is Maine’s HIV planning body. It contributes to HIV prevention, care, and treatment service delivery through strategic collaboration among stakeholders as described in the planning guidance from U.S. CDC and HRSA.    


MeHAAB is a broad group of partners and stakeholders including federal, State, and local HIV/AIDS government entities, programs and organizations, and other stakeholders that are engaged in planning, improving the scientific basis of program decisions, targeting resources to those communities at highest risk for HIV transmission and acquisition, and addressing disparities in health outcomes along the HIV Care Continuum. 

The Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition is the convener of a unique, statewide network of 68 organizations, a majority of which are led by people of color – representing diverse ethnic communities across our state.

Asylum Seeker Working Group

Member since 2019

The Asylum Seeker Working Group consists of representatives from organizations that serve New Mainers. The work group supports a collaborative approach to challenges faced by asylum seekers and  is coordinated by Portland Adult Education’s New Mainers Resource Center.

Rural York County Opioid Consortium

Member since 2017

The Rural York County Opioid Consortium oversees the Rural Communities Opioid Response Program-Planning grants totaling $200,000 that was supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The grants are used to support treatment for and prevention of substance use disorder, including opioid use disorder, in rural counties at the highest risk for substance use disorder.


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